As part of my realisation that it’s been nearly ten years since I started blogging (along with the whole ‘Has it really been that long? God, I’m getting old…’ thoughts) it occurs to me that I don’t follow as many British political blogs as I used to. Part of this is for the very good reason that most British political blogs aren’t very good and are merely about point-scoring and emphasising repeatedly how wonderful your party is while reminding us how evil everyone who doesn’t agree with you is.

But, I’m sure there have to be other blogs out there that I would find interesting if I only knew about them. So if you know of a blog – or even have one yourself – that you think I might find interesting, then please recommend them to me in the comments. I’ll even collate all the recommendations into a post so even if they don’t end up appealing to me, there’ll be some free promotion and linkage for you.

And by political, I mean that in the widest sense – I don’t want the the diaries of party hacks written in the style of press releases, I want interesting views and news from across the country, with perspectives I’ve not seen before. What would you recommend that might educate, inform and entertain me?

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This is a prominent political blog

…according to the Independent’s guide to the election today. Yes, under ‘Blogs, prominent political’ they list a number of left and right wing blogs, then under ‘Centrist’ list Jonathan Calder, the Lib Dem Blogs aggregator, Lib Dem Voice and, er, me.

While I’m always grateful for compliments, I suspect my inclusion in that list is due to some lazy research – possibly partly recycling an old list of political blogs from before the last election – especially as the same lists seem to think that ‘Left’ is a term that can include both Tim Ireland’s Bloggerheads and Harry’s Place. They also list a site called Conservative Commentary which is both American and defunct since 2008, and I suspect is down to them attempting to reference Peter Cuthbertson‘s old site.

Of course, when the same guide claims that five constituencies had only 3 candidates at the 2005 General Election and then lists five constituencies that all had 3 candidates, where none of them are Colchester, it’s very hard to regard any information in it as accurate.

Of course, if you’ve come here after seeing it mentioned in the paper, I’d like to stress that everything here is entirely 100% accurate and I definitely recommend voting for Neil Clugg and his Democratic Liberals at the election.