Colchester Liberal Democrats now on Facebook

Just a short post to let people know that Colchester Liberal Democrats now have our own page on Facebook, which should have plenty of updates and discussion from our council group. If you want to like it and get updates from us, then click here and don’t forget there are also pages for Sir Bob Russell and a certain Cllr Nick Barlow.


As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, there was one of those moments that makes the whole world seem like it’s been created by the surrealists:

Six months after the election and Bob Russell’s writing for the Morning Star while there’s a tank on Colchester High Street.

The tank on Colchester High Street wasn’t the first sign of a military coup, of course, merely the Army and Help for Heroes delivering Santa to Williams & Griffin for the unveiling of their Christmas window.

Bob Russell writing for the Morning Star, though, that’s completely true.

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Bob Russell (Liberal Democrat): 22151
Will Quince (Conservative): 15169
Jordan Newell (Labour): 5680
John Pitts (UKIP): 1350
Sidney Chaney (BNP): 705
Peter Lynn (Green): 694
Eddie Bone (English Democrats): 335
Garryck Noble (People’s Party Essex): 35
Paul Shaw: 20

So, Bob’s back for a fourth term, with an increased number of votes, majority and share of the vote. I’ve now been up for 24 hours, so any commentary will wait until I’ve slept and got my brain back into something resembling functioning order. Until then, I can only quote the intro to the latest series of Ashes to Ashes: ‘Frankly, your guess is as good as mine.’

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Is Bob Russell Britain’s best MP?

Obviously, I can’t answer that question because I’m sure you’d call me biased, but he is in the shortlist of 8 MPs for the title, drawn up by the website Yoosk.

If you want to have your say in who wins the award, then go to the Yoosk site, ask questions of the shortlist – which includes Lib Dem MPs Jo Swinson and Lynne Featherstone, amongst others – and then vote for who you think has provided the best answers next week.


Looks like the monomaniacs from the Campaign for an English Parliament have decided to have a go at Bob Russell for reasons that, as usual for them, don’t seem to make sense to people outside the English nationalist bubble. Yes, they’re still wedded to the idea that any attempt to devolve power to something that’s not an English Parliament is wrong, and recognising that Cumbria, Kent, Cornwall and Lincolnshire might have different priorities is somehow anti-English. Of course, a Parliament that represents 60m people with almost 90% of its members representing England is unrepresentative, yet somehow one representing 50m people will magically solve all the problems of England by the second verse of Jerusalem/Land Of Hope and Glory.

Have to say that I’d never heard of the Workers of England union before today – and judging from their website, it would appear that all the workers of England are white – but I amused by their ’causes’ page asserting that ‘The WEU believes that the people of England should, just like virtually every other country throughout the world celebrate our own patron saint’. Given that I could easily name dozens of countries – many of which are supposedly Christian ones as well – that don’t celebrate their patron saint’s day (who is the patron saint of the USA, for instance?), it doesn’t make me feel that much else on their site should be trusted as fact.

(And for anyone thinking of posting a comment, see if you can do it without using phrases like ‘anti-English’ ‘self-hating Englishman’ or ‘ZaNu Liebore’.)