UKIP may well be beyond satire

They’re riding high(ish) in the polls, they’ve just broken their own recently-set record for their best by-election performance and with the European elections of 2014 on the horizon, it seems UKIP are getting serious:

It’s no secret that the Ukip leader Nigel Farage is planning a purge of many, if not most, of the party’s existing 11 MEPs. He feels that too many of his MEPs up to now have oddballs and eccentrics, too old, often lazy, sometimes corrupt. He thinks his MEPs don’t project the right kind of modern, serious image that will appeal to young people and those who’ve never voted for Ukip before. And Mr Farage also thinks he hasn’t got enough prominent women in his party.

That’s certainly a bold move, sweeping away the old guard for a new, young and fresh breed, ready to show how UKIP are dramatically different from the other parties…

Wait? They’re planning to have both Christine and Neil Hamilton as candidates?

As Sir Humphrey might say, that’s a brave decision, Mr Farage.