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Colchester Carnival lineup

It’s Colchester Carnival a week on Saturday (the 16th) and there’s going to be a whole day of activity going on in town. Keep an eye on the official website and this Facebook page for more information, but as I write this, the…

Carnival opportunity for artists

Dorian Kelly (Artistic Director for Colchester Carnival) has asked for this news to be passed around as widely as possible: Artists opportunity from Illuminati Creative Arts in conjunction with Colchester Carnival 2011, Slack Space, and Firstsite. Artists who live or work in the…

Another carnival meeting

Just to let you all know that the next meeting for Colchester Carnival will be happening on Wednesday 30th March, starting at 7.30pm at Slack Space on Queen Street.

Colchester carnival open for entries!

Just to let you know that you Colchester Carnival – happening this year on Saturday 16th July – is now open for people to enter, and it’s free to take part in it if you’re not a business! You can now download an…

Colchester Carnival 2011 public meeting

Just to pass on the information that there’ll be a public meeting about this year’s Carnival – which is set to take place on the 16th July – on Friday 28th January, starting at 7.30pm at the Straight Road centre. More information on…

Colchester Carnival returns!

Just quick plug for Colchester’s Carnival, which returns this year after too long away on Saturday September 5th. As I’m going to be away on that day, I can’t make it along to help out on the day, so this is my attempt…

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