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Does Clegg want to dissolve his membership and elect another?

A bit of Brecht for a Tuesday. After the uprising of the 17th of June The Secretary of the Writers’ Union Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee Stating that the people Had forfeited the confidence of the government And could win it back only By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier In that case […]

Worth Reading 64: Troughton to the power of Colin Baker

Another gathering of things people have said better than me: I Hate It When Politicians Talk About “Hard-Working Families” – Jennie Rigg points out the flaws in a bit of politician-speak. Democracy 2015 – The Independent’s new campaign – I was thinking of pointing out some of the flaws with this campaign, but A Dragon’s […]

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, nothing to worry yourself over, citizen, so move on and don’t make a fuss

Yesterday, I learnt something I didn’t know before about British politics – the police claim the right to pre-emptively veto people attending the conferences of political parties. I probably wasn’t go to go to Liberal Democrat Conference this year, as various other commitments and the hassle of getting to Birmingham and back likely outweighed the […]

The gathering

Anyone else going to the East of England Lib Dem Regional Conference tomorrow? There’s not really time for a full bloggers/tweeters meet-up, but if anyone fancies meeting up at the lunch break for a quick ‘so that’s what you look like in the flesh!’ moment, let me know or just come and say hello. Oh, […]

An only slightly hypocritical post

I was reading Charlotte Gore’s debut on Comment is Free and, once I’d managed to dismiss the image of Alan Rusbridger as a mad scientist cackling evilly that the process of Toynbeeization had begun, this section caught my eye: While libertarians, classical liberals and free thinkers were all in the bars and fringes of Bournemouth […]