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An elected Mayor for Colchester? No thanks

About a year ago, I wrote a post about how Councils were having to choose between two new structures for organising themselves, both of which required a huge concentration of power into the hands of one individual – either a ‘strong leader’ or an elected Mayor. However, after the General Election and with the Labour […]

A quick waste reminder

Just a quick reminder for those of you in Colchester that tomorrow we have our first public meetings as part of the waste consultation – 12-2pm and 5-7pm in the Moot Hall. We are planning to video some of it and make it available on the web for people who can’t there to see. And […]

Colchester’s waste and recycling consultation

After quite a few months of work through the Task and Finish Group that I chair, I’m pleased to say that our waste and recyling consultation is now live on Colchester Council’s website. It will also be in the next edition of the Courier, which should be landing on doorsteps throughout the Borough in the […]

Castle Park restoration

Seeing it in the paper today reminded me that I should mention the consultation that’s currently going on regarding the plans for restoration and development of Castle Park. There are lots of ideas for what we can do with the park, but as the Heritage Lottery Fund decided it was too nice already to need […]

November is the busiest month

Had a Policy Review and Development Panel meeting tonight, which is a Council committee I quite like being on as it tends to achieve things – even if they are small – and the meetings don’t drag on for hours. More information on everything we discussed here, if you’re interested, including our rather lengthy Tree […]