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2015 General Election Day 6: #nicolasturgeonsfault

This was meant to be a relatively quiet period in the campaign, wasn’t it? Thanks to Nicola Sturgeon doing moderately well in the leaders’ debate on Thursday, it seems the right-wing press have gone back to their 2010 election manuals and begun monstering…

2015 General Election Day 3: Fool if you think it’s over

Some really shocking news to start the election today, as the Telegraph does huge amounts of original research gets an email from Tory HQ and reveals the news that rich businesspeople, some of whom are Tory members of the House of Lords, think…

The Greens, Citizens Income and how journalists still don’t understand how political parties work

After it flared up into media prominence over the last week, the Telegraph today eagerly covered the news that the Green Party won’t be including Citizens Income as a policy in their General Election manifesto. However, there seems to be a problem with…

How to be a leading political commentator

Dan Hodges writes on the Telegraph website today: Ukip are not a political force, but a political curiosity. In years to come many a pub quiz trophy will be won by those who can correctly answer the question: “What was the name of…

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