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What now?

Some disorganised thoughts from me, that may or may not add up to a coherent whole. For those looking for a more thought-through opinion on all this, I suggest visiting the Lib Dem Blogs aggregator and working through the entries there. Or take a look at this Dutch perspective on the situation. I can remember […]

2010 General Election Diary Day 30: All over bar the voting

As the battlebuses pull into their last stops, and the last hordes of activists run through ever-darkening streets to push that one last leaflet that might make the difference through that one last letterbox, the election finally gets handed over to the voters. Yes, at last we’ll get the answer to the question that’s been […]

What a difference a few days makes

David Cameron in the Prime Ministerial debate on 22nd April: I just think it is disgraceful to try and frighten people in an election campaign… You should not be frightening people in an election campaign, it is just not right. Latest Tory election broadcast, 26th April – three minutes of fearmongering about how a hung […]

2010 General Election Diary Day 9: Frit, frit, frit!

Here’s a chance for the BBC to show true political impartiality – next Monday, from 8.30 to 9pm, they should show Jeremy Paxman sitting quietly in a chair with an empty chair opposite him. Occasionally, they could flash up the caption ‘You’re watching a Panorama special: Jeremy Paxman interviewing David Cameron. David Cameron has declined […]

2010 General Election Diary Day 8: What this country really needs right now is a Doctor

‘But what were his policies? What did he stand for?’ ‘I don’t know…he just seemed kind of nice.’ Duh-duh-duh-dum. Yes, the Doctor Who tendency strikes again. After a Labour Party film with a voiceover by David Tennant directly references Jon Pertwee, the BBC headline the Conservative manifesto launch with the headline Saxon-esque Cameron ‘to make […]

Don’t believe anything until you haven’t seen it in the papers

Roy Greenslade wonders why no one in the media other than the Guardian is making a big deal about this story: Imagine The Guardian being required to pay out £800,000 to a journalist because its editor had been exposed as a bully. You can bet that would have made headlines in rival papers. So why, […]