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On political stereotypes and Doctor Who

YouGov have done a survey asking people their opinions about Doctor Who and what characteristics they want to see in the next Doctor. As politics and Doctor Who are two of this blog’s continuing obsessions, I couldn’t resist writing about it – and this post becomes even more ‘my entire blogging history in one post’ […]

The Time Lord and the Defence Secretary

Important political question of the day: is Philip Hammond actually David Tennant with grey hair? Does this mean that his pleas to protect defence spending are actually about protecting Britain’s share of the UNIT budget?

EXCLUSIVE: First David Miliband campaign video

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2010 General Election Diary Day 16: There’s less to go than has already gone

Labour’s latest election broadcast teams up Peter Davison and David Tennant to tell us everything is going to be fine in the future. I was expecting them to tell us that there’s a hole in the economy the exact size of Belgium, but as they didn’t I think we can all agree that this is […]