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Worth Reading 44: Call me

Not one link found on somebody’s voicemail. Earth Hour – A new short story from Ken MacLeod. Misleading money-saving claims help no one – Bad Science becomes Bad Department for Communities and Local Government for a week, as Ben Goldacre points out how flawed the claim that local authorities could save £10bn a year from […]

Which will go first – Eric Pickles or the whole DCLG?

A very interesting article in the Local Government Chronicle (behind a paywall, unfortunately, though you may be able to access it through Google) about the Local Government Association’s executive meeting this week, where Eric Pickles came in for some pretty heavy condemnation. I’ve been pretty heavy on Pickles here too, so it’s good to see […]

Localism thrown into the bin

Remember localism? That grand idea that Government ought to stop interfering in the business of local councils and let them run services the way they thought would be best for their residents. If you don’t, don’t worry. Turns out the Government – or at least the DCLG – doesn’t either. Chris White did a good […]