Worth reading

A new and irregular feature for this blog, as part of my drive for more content here, featuring things I’ve found interesting elsewhere. Or, shamelessly copying other people’s linkblogging idea, you decide.

Ten years of the ‘War on Terror’ – Jack of Kent on just how much ‘anti-terror’ has come to dominate our lives.
Reasons to be Cheerful – Charles Stross on ways the world has improved recently that you might not have noticed
New Year… New Money – Cicero’s Songs on the introduction of the Euro in Estonia, including the information that this is their ninth different currency in a century
What is the point of joining a political party? – Paul Sagar asks at Liberal Conspiracy, and poses some interesting questions. At the time of writing, the debate in the comments is still pretty interesting too.
Detroit in ruins – From the Observer, a collection of photos of abandoned and crumbling buildings in Detroit, looking somewhat like all our post-apocalyptic fictional futures breaking through into the present, like the mirror version of William Gibson’s The Gernsback Continuum.