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Plus ca change

Now Pastor Maldonado’s won the Spanish Grand Prix to make it five different winners from five different teams in this year’s Formula 1 season, I took a look back to 1983, the last time it happened. Interestingly, four of the five teams who won those races are still in F1 in one form or another, […]

Worth Reading 34: Make up your own rule

And a majority that aren’t election-related. Electoral Services: I know they’re only doing their job, but… – Jennie Rigg on the last-minute rush to get nomination papers in, which many people who’ve been candidate and/or agents will read with a few knowing nods. How to write a generic SF novel – Paul McAuley provides some […]

For any passing TV executives

We need a new TV series in the mould of Dallas or Dynasty. Just as they burst out of a recession economy to wow the world with glamour, glitz and conspicuous consumption, surely something similar would work today, given the audience a dose of high-end trash to amuse them in times of austerity. What’s needed […]