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In the national interest

Amidst all the Jubilee-related snark this long weekend, something caught my eye on Twitter and made me think: @dontgetfooled If there was a “national interest” argumt for LibDems to coalesce w/ Cameron in 2010 might there be not an equally good one now to quit? It’s an important question, and one I think Liberal Democrats […]

Another British political tradition ends

There used to be a set procedure for discussing a leaders’ debate in General Elections: the leader of the opposition would propose it a couple of months before the election, the Prime Minister would say nothing but their spokespeople would umm and ahh over it, the leader(s) of the third party would then chime in […]

If we’re going to have a ‘real’ election night

The whole ‘save General Election night’ thing appears to be getting the full allocation of its nine-days-wonder (and will no doubt get the same when the actual election comes) but while it fails to generate any real excitement in me, a thought: Why isn’t the public announcement of election results actually public anymore in so […]

Save money, or save General Election night?

Mark Pack (here and here) and Costigan Quist have both been talking about this Sunday Times story about a ‘threat’ to ‘General Election night’. In short, it seems that more Councils are planning to delay counting general election votes from the night of the election until the day after in order to save money. Yes, […]