2010 General Election Diary Day 21: The Final Countdown

It had to happen eventually. The campaign was going so well, and everything in the election was going fine, but then the dark shadow from the past has risen to cast its pall over the whole affair. Yes, Jan Moir has risen from whatever pit of slime the Daily Mail store her in to launch a barrel of fiery error-strewn invective at the Clegg family, following the shocking news that Miriam Gonzalez not only wears underwear, but also buys it. No, I’m not linking to the Daily Mail piece, but Helen Duffett has more on it.

Meanwhile, the Tories have been telling people to vote for them to avoid a hung Parliament, but insisting that we must keep the current electoral system because it, unlike any other system, doesn’t deliver hung parliaments. As ever, the fact remains that electoral systems are entirely neutral on the question of hung, balanced, strong or any other kind of Parliament and it’s the voters who decide what sort of Parliament they get. Remember that only two weeks ago, David Cameron was issuing an ‘invitation to join the Government of Britain’ and now it turns out that not only is that invitation subject to the leader making up new policy off the cuff, but it clearly doesn’t include people who have the temerity to get themselves elected for parties that aren’t the Conservatives.

I am glad for the Tories pointing just how much Labour have clamped down on our civil liberties:

Greg Clark, the shadow climate change secretary, was first up as he announced that a Tory government would give people the power to plant a tree for every child born in Britain.

Yes, it would seem that either you don’t have the power to plant a tree – which must make anyone working for the Woodland Trust rather nervous – or the Tories have announced another non-policy.

Today’s things to read that you might find interesting: James Graham on the latest Labour hissy fit, FiveThirtyEight taking a different look at swing and why seat calculators might be getting it badly wrong and James Barlow (no relation, that I’m aware of) on why using stock images on their election publicity might end up costing the Green Party a lot.

A bit of polling news – while the rest of the (non-rogue) polls continue bumping around within the margin of error some interesting information from PinkNews about the Tory vote crashing amongst gay people.

Back to actual door-knocking this evening, rather than co-ordinating, and another 25 takes me up to 270. A few bits of delivery over the weekend as well, so we’ll call the total for that 2,400 so far.

Just ten days to go now, and a whole lot more paper to distribute (there’s a box full of it taunting me now) and doorbells to ring.