What a difference a few days makes

David Cameron in the Prime Ministerial debate on 22nd April:

I just think it is disgraceful to try and frighten people in an election campaign… You should not be frightening people in an election campaign, it is just not

Latest Tory election broadcast, 26th April – three minutes of fearmongering about how a hung parliament would wreck the country, with not one mention of a Tory policy.

Simple question, Mr Cameron – is trying to frighten people in an election campaign right or not right?

I’m glad you asked me that

Just a quick thought on reading this ePolitix articleThat’s an important issue, and as a hung Parliament would by its very nature effect every party, not just the Liberal Democrats, I’m prepared to give you an answer once you’ve got one from Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Alex Salmond, Ieuan Wyn Jones, Peter Robinson, and the leader of every other party who might be represented in this hung parliament. Until then, I’m glad that you regard the Liberal Democrats as so important that no other party’s views on a hung Parliament are needed, but I’d rather answer questions on our actual policies.