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Worth Reading 102: Top of the Empire State

So, how would Dáil Éireann deal with a post-apocalyptic scenario? – Jason O’Mahony asks the question for the Irish political system, and I’m sure someone can fill in the blanks for the British one. A slice of London so exclusive even the owners are visitors – A look at who lives in some of the […]

Worth Reading 83: Able Archer

North Korea, Ireland, UKIP, revolutions and the end of the world. Enjoy. Don’t be fooled: UKIP is not a libertarian party – Alex Massie in the Spectator points out what should be obvious, but ‘libertarian’ has been so abused, people sadly think they are. Stand Still for the Apocalypse – Chris Hedges on the latest […]

Worth Reading 29: In advance of the leap year

One of these is obviously a day late. Can you guess which? One genre to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them – There’s been some interesting discussion recently about the claims of literary fiction, and how this one genre dominates media coverage of books and reading. Here’s an interesting take on it […]

Worth Reading 13: Something about luck, obviously

The website’s back, so have some more links to celebrate: Richard Drax and questionable sexual standards – It’s the twenty-first century, surely even Tory MPs (from outside Bedfordshire, anyway) are meant to be past this sort of idiocy? Irish Politics: A Pre-Election Primer – a useful introduction to the issues from Crooked Timber’s Henry Farrell […]