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It’s all in the game

I noticed something interesting yesterday in the various discussions of what I want to call ‘sitting-on-the-fence-gate’ but until that becomes commonly understood parlance, I’ll just have to call it the Commons vote on Jeremy Hunt. I noticed two different responses to the idea that the Lib Dem MPs would abstain on the vote. Various ‘political’ […]

I don’t like predicting the future

A week or so ago, Jonathan Calder wrote that the Liberal Democrats should vote with to call for an investigation into whether Jeremy Hunt broke the ministerial code. I agreed with him, and wrote in the comments: sadly I’m sure the Parliamentary party will find some reason not to vote with Labour on this. Then […]

Worth Reading 58: Severe thunderstorms start here

Kurt Vonnegut to weasels in five easy steps. ‘I Was There’: On Kurt Vonnegut – A long piece in The Nation looks back over Vonnegut’s novels from Player Piano to Breakfast of Champions. 10 Pilots With Light Turbulence – The Fan Can looks at the very early stages of some TV classics. The Unbearable Stasis […]