The fun-loving, freedom-loving decadent West undermined and subverted its enemies by making them be like itself, not by becoming grim and hard and serious like them. Those who had the most laughs had the last laugh.

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Worth Reading 138: Twenty three split and squared

She tweeted against the Mexican drug cartels. They tweeted her murder.  – A horrifying tale of what happened when a website took on the cartels. Very quietly, the coalition tries to dismantle judicial review – And here’s your ‘oh, FFS’ moment for today.…

Worth Reading 56: Where did you go, Joe DiMaggio?

Or, how liquid democracy gets you the sack in the end. How The German Pirate Party’s Liquid Democracy Works – Sounds like an interesting way for members of an organisation to discuss things. And no need to get pre-approved for discussions by the…

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