Worth Reading 138: Twenty three split and squared

She tweeted against the Mexican drug cartels. They tweeted her murder.  – A horrifying tale of what happened when a website took on the cartels.
Very quietly, the coalition tries to dismantle judicial review – And here’s your ‘oh, FFS’ moment for today.
Review: Dog Eat Dog – I haven’t played RPGs for years but this review of a rather unsettling game based around colonisation almost makes me want to again.
The death of the banana republic – John Band on the end of the United Fruit Company.
Revealed: the guest list that proves that Guido Fawkes is a certified member of the Tory establishment – I’m shocked – shocked! – to discover that a supposed ‘libertarian’ is friends with many of the lunatic wing of the Tories.

Worth Reading 56: Where did you go, Joe DiMaggio?

Or, how liquid democracy gets you the sack in the end.

How The German Pirate Party’s Liquid Democracy Works – Sounds like an interesting way for members of an organisation to discuss things. And no need to get pre-approved for discussions by the police.
SF, big ideas, ideology: What is to be done? – Charles Stross on whether SF is a genre of ‘big ideas’.
The Fandom Issue: Marvelous – “At what point is the triumph of comic-book culture sufficient?” Some interesting parallels between geek culture and the Tea Party.
How a stranger carrying a rucksack got within 10 feet of Nick Clegg – Why, it’s almost like security theatre isn’t necessary!
Sacking people is easy to do – Not that I recommend you should, but John Band points out that people complaining about red tape preventing them doing it don’t have much of a leg to stand on.