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Worth Reading 87: Gettysburg

An open letter to the British judicial system – From a cyclist, pointing out the ridiculously small sentences handed out to motorists who’ve killed or injured cyclists. My reply to Nick Clegg’s civil liberties email today – Jo Shaw writes at Liberal Democrats against Secret Courts, asking Nick Clegg to live up to what he […]


Via Jonathan Calder, here’s a sentence that tells us so much about how modern politics works: In particular, her decision not to rebel over the coalition decision to increase university tuition fees, despite building a political career on trying to get them scrapped, marked her out for promotion with the leadership of both parties. Related […]

Why do we let the Tories define the terms of the discussion?

Jonathan Calder has a good post arguing that the Draft Communications Bill goes against the Coalition Agreement, with the implication that it should be terminated now, not be something that floats around there in the hope that Lib Dem activists can improve it. While I share Jonathan’s perspective, I’m concerned that yet again, the Liberal […]

I don’t like predicting the future

A week or so ago, Jonathan Calder wrote that the Liberal Democrats should vote with to call for an investigation into whether Jeremy Hunt broke the ministerial code. I agreed with him, and wrote in the comments: sadly I’m sure the Parliamentary party will find some reason not to vote with Labour on this. Then […]

2010 General Election Diary Day 28: A 23% swing from Fish to hurricanes

I should remember to never talk about the weather. Yesterday doesn’t appear to have been a blip in the generally sunny election we’ve been having, and the rain has returned. Typical Bank Holiday weather, of course, including a brief hailstorm, but really scuppers the best laid plans of deliverers and canvassers. That didn’t stop electioneering […]