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Worth Reading 44: Call me

Not one link found on somebody’s voicemail. Earth Hour – A new short story from Ken MacLeod. Misleading money-saving claims help no one – Bad Science becomes Bad Department for Communities and Local Government for a week, as Ben Goldacre points out how flawed the claim that local authorities could save £10bn a year from […]

Eric Pickles and the Star Fraction

Interesting tweet from the Guardian’s Julian Glover during the night: Nukes for Norfolk anyone? Apparently DCLG officials were told to check new localism bill wouldn’t give councils power to buy atomic weapons Of course, I’m tempted to regard this as a ridiculous claim, possibly created by someone in DCLG as proof of just how much […]

From Grantham to Port Stanley: The Opera

Ken MacLeod‘s novel Newton’s Wake features a character living on a distant world in a post-Singularity future who writes operas based on badly remembered and misunderstood history. This gives us classics like The Tragedy of Leonid Brezhnev with gun-toting communist leaders denouncing each other as revisionists in song. It only comes to mind because Conservative […]

Today’s writing tip

Ken MacLeod explains how SFnal ideas are germinated: taking the usual SF approach to such humane, beneficial developments (how could this advance be grossly misused, and what are the military applications?) (Note: with minor tweaks, such as the addition of the phrase ‘and won’t someone think of the children?’ this also works as a Labour […]


A couple of weeks ago, Matt Staggs suggested a new SF movement which he dubbed Greenpunk (it was also discussed on IO9) which would be: a technophilic spec-fic movement centered on characters using and being affected by the use of DIY renewable resources, recycling and repurposing. GreenPunk would emphasize the ability of the individual – […]