Worth Reading 35: Tetrahedral photography

Walking, joking, sponging, whitewashing and precedent-setting:

A whitewashed Earthsea – Ursula K LeGuin on how her characters changed from non-white to white once they appeared on TV
The ‘only known joke about collective nouns’ – From local copywriter Ben Locker
New Kosovo president Jahjaga sets a precedent – You know how a sign of getting old is that the police look younger than you? Well, Kosovo’s new president is a police officer, and she’s younger than me, which makes me feel doubly old.
EXCLUSIVE: TPA sponging off the taxpayer – Tim Fenton finds the Taxpayers Alliance aren’t averse to taking advantage of taxpayer-funded resources.
Jane’s Walk comes to Colchester – “A weekend of local walks led by local people, taking place simultaneously around the world, celebrating the ideas and legacy of urbanist Jane Jacobs (1916-2006). Jane’s Walk takes place on the first weekend in May each year (marking the anniversary of her birthday) and invites local people to get out into their neighbourhoods and to host free local walks on any theme, bringing people together to share stories and to talk about the local places in which they live, work and play.”