The career parallels are uncanny

Today’s trivia question: which British politician said this

“Every major statesman needs the wilderness years. Nelson Mandela had them and I suppose that’s my lot, too, so I’m ruling nothing out at this stage.”

You can find the answer here or in the tags to this post.


Worth Reading 27: The shorter way to call the police

Another quick collection of interest:

My views on the Liberal Democrats in government – A very good post by Duncan Stephen on his opinions of the party in Government. Too nuanced for a simple summary to suffice, but worth reading regardless of your views of the party and the government.
The Lib Dems need to whistle their way through these dark days – Andrew Rawnsley provides some good advice in his Observer column.
Solving the Lembit for Mayor problem in one easy stroke – Dan Falchikov suggests a much more plausible Lib Dem Mayoral candidate than Lembit. Though admittedly, ‘more plausible Mayoral candidate than Lembit’ isn’t exactly a small field.
Would You Please Fucking Stop? – Ursula K Le Guin on the use and overuse of swearing. May offend people who react badly to certain combinations of letters. (via)
If humanity went extinct, what species would replace us? – Some interesting speculation from io9. My money’s on the elephants, not that I’d be around to collect on that bet, obviously.

And a special bonus: Talking with the Councillor about culture – Jason Cobb’s article about his interview with me, this time on his blog in case the link to 101 disappears.

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While you wait

This week’s walk will be a bit later than usual – probably appearing sometime this afternoon or evening – so until then, why not go and read Anton Vowl’s discussion of the Mail’s attack on Lembit Opik’s relatives?

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