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Today’s trivia question: which British politician said this

“Every major statesman needs the wilderness years. Nelson Mandela had them and I suppose that’s my lot, too, so I’m ruling nothing out at this stage.”

You can find the answer here or in the tags to this post.


Another quick collection of interest:

My views on the Liberal Democrats in government – A very good post by Duncan Stephen on his opinions of the party in Government. Too nuanced for a simple summary to suffice, but worth reading regardless of your views of the party and the government.
The Lib Dems need to whistle their way through these dark days – Andrew Rawnsley provides some good advice in his Observer column.
Solving the Lembit for Mayor problem in one easy stroke – Dan Falchikov suggests a much more plausible Lib Dem Mayoral candidate than Lembit. Though admittedly, ‘more plausible Mayoral candidate than Lembit’ isn’t exactly a small field.
Would You Please Fucking Stop? – Ursula K Le Guin on the use and overuse of swearing. May offend people who react badly to certain combinations of letters. (via)
If humanity went extinct, what species would replace us? – Some interesting speculation from io9. My money’s on the elephants, not that I’d be around to collect on that bet, obviously.

And a special bonus: Talking with the Councillor about culture – Jason Cobb’s article about his interview with me, this time on his blog in case the link to 101 disappears.

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While you wait

This week’s walk will be a bit later than usual – probably appearing sometime this afternoon or evening – so until then, why not go and read Anton Vowl’s discussion of the Mail’s attack on Lembit Opik’s relatives?

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