Guest post: Liberal Youth members on why they’re supporting Tim Farron for leader

(Following on from the guest posts by Simon Banks, Nigel Quinton and Grace Goodlad on why they’re supporting Tim for leader, I’ve been asked to host this letter from nearly 50 Liberal Youth members about why they’re supporting him for leader. As I’m still a student and thus one of the older Liberal Youth members, I was happy to agree. If you want to write a guest post about why you’re supporting Tim, please get in touch!)

The Liberal Democrats have always been a party for young people, with our progressive views on protecting human rights, fighting climate change and promoting social justice.

These things matter, but to make a difference, the Liberal Democrats have to become winners again.

To do this we need someone who can connect with, and earn the trust of, young people. We need a strong voice, standing up to the backwards, regressive attitudes of our opponents.

For these reasons, we are backing Tim Farron for leader.

Tim started his political life in student politics. He understands how to connect with young audiences and will engage with them literally on their own turf. In his constituency his “football surgeries” are legendary, giving young people the chance to have a kick about and discuss issues young people face. He has won awards for his use of social media because he is unafraid to answer critics and inspire many young activists online.

We believe that Tim’s infectious enthusiasm and passionate campaigning make him a great champion for young people, and the right person to lead the Lib Dem fight back.

Ryan Mercer – Policy Officer;
Ab Brightman – International Officer;
Nomi Farhi – Membership Development Officer;
Cllr Emily Louise Tester – Co-Events Officer;
Sam Bennett – Chair of Liberal Youth Wales (IR Cymru);
Bobby Dean – Vice President of International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY);
Alice Thomas – Liberal Democrat Women Youth Rep;
Joshua Dixon – Social Liberal Forum Youth Rep and Federal Executive member;
Chloe Hutchinson – Liberal Youth Wales Non-Portfolio Officer;
Rhys Taylor – Liberal Youth Wales Policy Officer;
Sarah Noble – Liberal Youth Policy Committee;
James King – Former Liberal Youth Co-Treasurer;
Robin McGhee – Former Liberal Youth Co-Treasurer;
Ryan Cairns – President Leeds University Liberal Youth;
Mike Green – Chair of York University Liberal Democrats;
Yan Malinowski – President UEA Liberal Democrats;
Jack Davies – President New Forest Liberal Youth;
Dipa Vaya – Chair Hertfordshire Liberal Youth;
Ems Simpson – Chair Mid Dorset and North Poole Liberal Youth;
Tom SS Thornhill – Chair University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats;
Jamie Capp – Vice-Chair of English Liberal Youth, Chair LSE Lib Dems;
Joe Young – Chair of University of Central Lancashire Lib Dems;
Nick Sutton – President, Exeter University Liberal Democrats;
Jakub Makowski – Chair, East of England Liberal Youth;
Lizzy Adams, Tara Murray, Chris Whiting, Tom Johnston, Jean Vila, Jack Robinson, Cadan ap Tomos, Will Whaw Wilshere, Joanne Ferguson, Natasha Chapman, Henry Compson, Reece Edmends, Callum Delhoy, Dylan H Morris, Paige Quirke, Thomas Adams, Lucy Adams, Gurleen Kaur, Craig O’Donnell, Ben Falkner, Tom Williams, Tristan Marris, Toby Roper, Ruth Edmonds, Huw James, Lizzy Roberts, Christine Longworth, Azza Jfk Ghaidoun, Eva-Lily Fielding, George Carpenter, Maelo Manning, Ryan Carpenter, James Baillie, Rich Clare, Jamie Lawson, Sebastian Bench.