There’s no election diary today, as there’s no electioneering going on because of what happened in Manchester. It’ll resume at some point in the near future, and I will too. There are lots of words already on what’s happened, and there’ll be lots more to come, and the only advice I’ll give is that if you’re asking yourself ‘is it too soon to write this?’ then yes, it most likely is.

If you want to help in this and future emergencies, then if you can register here to give blood.

Worth Reading 160: Text message

The ‘cost’ bias – Chris Dillow explains how a lot of our understanding of how much something might cost the economy is completely wrong.
The robots are coming – John Lanchester in the LRB on how automation is changing everything around us.
Die Another Eh: What Does It Mean Now That James Bond Is In The Public Domain In Canada? – It’s almost as though copyright law has been set up to be as confusing and stifling of creativity as possible.
American democracy is doomed – Slightly incendiary title for a piece that’s arguing the current structure of American democracy needs to change, but sums up a lot of the problems with how American democracy (doesn’t) work. The problem isn’t having a constitution, it’s having that constitution seen as a near-sacred text that can’t be jettisoned and replaced.
A mayor for all seasons? – Professor Colin Talbot argues that devolution to Greater Manchester and the imposition of an elected Mayor is following the model of previous British government blunders.

Worth Reading 53: Scoring rules for bridge

It’s a little known fact that the Joker was originally known as the Scoremaster, until someone realised that was particularly silly, so they went for another extra card in the deck instead.

Greece: Trying to understand SYRIZA – Paul Mason provides some interesting background and context for the current political situation in Greece.
Meet the new boss – “Thus, in our fair city, we see a public manifestation of the petro-sheiks’ triumph over the leveraged buyout merchants.”
Top GOP Pollster to GOP: Reverse On Gay Issues – Andrew Sullivan with some fascinating internal Republican polling. I wonder if the same questions are being asked over here?
Seattle ‘supervillain’ Rex Velvet issues another warning video – Something rather silly going on in Seattle, though the video looks rather well produced, which makes me wonder if it’s all leading up to something. A new Starbucks flavour, perhaps?
Norway abolishes state sponsored Church of Norway – It appears that the Norwegian Parliament will be voting to disestablish their national church in the very near future.