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Here comes Tammany Hall on your High Street

My dictionary’s had an update. It now says that ‘localism’ is defined as ‘giving people things they do not want; forcing them into changes they do not need’. Yes, ‘executive mayors’ are back, even though just about no one outside of the DCLG has shown any desire for them. As I wrote back in 2009, […]

Does Eric Pickles actually possess a brain?

Would I be breaking some sort of coalition rule by calling Eric Pickles an idiot? I’m just wondering, because I’m sure that being the Cabinet minister responsible for a Localism Bill, yet only speaking about things in bizarrely anti-localist terms are the actions of either a satirical genius or an idiot. And as I don’t […]

Congratulations to Dave The Mayor

No doubt solely because of my visit there last week, the people of Bedford have elected Dave Hodgson as their Mayor. Congratulations to Dave and his team, and thanks to anyone who went to Bedford to help out, especially if you went as a result of my plea last week. As with all by-elections, I’m […]

An appeal for Bedford

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have seen that I was in Bedford today helping out Dave Hodgson’s campaign for Mayor. Unlike my last by-election day out in Norwich, it was a sunny day so it was a pleasure to be out delivering on the streets of the town. (And yes, I don’t agree […]

Do the Tories want to turn Town Halls into Tammany Hall?

As I’ve said before, I think the idea of centralising power in councils into one person isn’t a very good one, regardless of whether that person has the title of Mayor, Leader or Lord Grand High Poohbah. But it seems they don’t go far enough for the Tories: Twelve cities across the country would hold […]

A Dave you can happily vote for

Just to give a quick plug to the Lib Dem candidate in the Bedford Mayoral by-election, Dave Hodgson. I believe that this is only the second Mayoral by-election in Britain after North Tyneside in 2003 so it’s about time that the Heath Robinson creation that is the fabled Lib Dem by-election machine got to work […]

Mayors and Super-Leaders

I was reminded by this post from Chris and Glynis Abbott that like most other Councils, we have to make the decision soon as to what structure Colchester Borough Council should take in the future. Of course, while we have a choice, to me it appears to be akin to being asked whether you want […]