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Worth Reading 98: Trajan writes his first column

Gove’s proposed history curriculum forgets that we live in 2013, not the 1950s – Anna Claeys explains how the proposed new history syllabus is missing a huge amount of context in the rush to celebrate ‘Britishness’. The Man Behind The Brilliant Media Hoax Of “I, Libertine” – How a night-time DJ created a non-existent literary […]

Do Tories understand the meaning of ‘localism’?

Two interesting stories from recent weeks that show what a couple of Secretaries of State think of it: From last month, Michael Gove wants more powers to change how schools are run, to stop people having their say over what happens to their local school. And today, Eric Pickles has started threatening councils that don’t […]

Why Nick Clegg should be copying Michael Gove

One of the distinguishing traits of a senior politician is to be in possession of a circle of loquacious friends, always ready to talk to the press about things they don’t feel ready to talk about personally in public. Michael Gove’s friends have been talkative this weekend, telling the Daily Mail all about his views […]

Worth Reading 54: Ridden in on a white horse

And instead of four tons of glitter, have five links instead: How Common Is Your Birthday? – An interesting diagram showing which days of the year see the most and fewest births (data from the US only, though). Interesting to note the troughs around certain holidays and the 13th of the month. If the younger […]

Worth Reading 12: Span and delve

Entirely set upon the Earth: Are you writing a vampire novel, too? – PZ Myers points out one of the major flaws with the modern vampire genre Why it matters – Blood and Treasure on where the phone-hacking story may lead The myth of the ‘Fair Fuel Stabiliser’ – Adam Bienkov looks at the flaws […]