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Worth reading 40: Links begin

And some worth seeing too. Revealed: How the Yes2AV campaign malfunctioned behind the scenes – These exposés of what happened within the Yes campaign may not make pleasant reading, but they’re essential to avoiding mistakes like this being made in the future. Left,…

Worth Reading 15: Ides, ides, ides

The Daily Mail And Stephen Green: A Torrid Romance – The Mail, as ever, is never afraid to eat its own in the interests of a good story The Wilkinsons and ‘Christian’ opposition to anti-discrimination laws – “If the Wilkinsons are truly naive…

Worth Reading 9: Mauve Tuesday

Links! Links! Click ’em while they’re hot! Arab regimes on edge – Foreign Policy looks at the fallout from the events in Tunisia Ike was right all along: The danger of the military-industrial complex – Looking back at that speech, fifty years on.…

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