Worth reading 40: Links begin

And some worth seeing too.

Revealed: How the Yes2AV campaign malfunctioned behind the scenes – These exposés of what happened within the Yes campaign may not make pleasant reading, but they’re essential to avoiding mistakes like this being made in the future.
Left, Right and Centre: A graphic illustration of why these words do not give enough information – Jennie explains why two axes are better than one. It prompted me to take the Political Compass test again (also on Facebook) where my score is economic -6.38, social -7.69 if you’re interested. Not much changed from when I took it eight years ago, so at least I’m consistent.
Girls – it’s all their fault! – Cath Elliott skewers the latest victim-blaming nonsense from Nadine Dorries. (via)
Definitive London Tube map – Probably not of interest to everyone, but a geographically accurate version of the tube map, complete with closed lines and abandoned stations. (via)
25 Abandoned Yugoslavia Monuments that look like they’re from the Future – They’re monuments to World War II, but also symbols of a time when concrete-based brutalism ruled the Earth.

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The Daily Mail And Stephen Green: A Torrid Romance – The Mail, as ever, is never afraid to eat its own in the interests of a good story
The Wilkinsons and ‘Christian’ opposition to anti-discrimination laws – “If the Wilkinsons are truly naive and thought their B&B was just a private home, I wonder were they paying tax on the proceeds of their business, as well as complying with the fire and safety regulations that apply to B&Bs? If they were, they know fine well that the nature of their business meant that their home was, in law, treated rather differently than any other private home.”
Rupert Murdoch – A Portrait Of Satan – A fascinating look at the billionaire tyrant from Adam Curtis’ BBC blog
Woman Accused of Faking Disability by Nadine Dorries Has Painful Foot Operation – one day, people will stop taking Nadine Dorries seriously. Until then, we’ll just have to keep exposing her lies. (Warning, contains descriptions of surgery some people may find a bit graphic)
How to Take Over a Politically Unstable Country in Six Easy Steps – Your step-by-step guide to a coup, though I’m worried about putting this in the same roundup as Rupert Murdoch, just in case he starts getting ideas

And a special bonus for today – a guest post by me at Keep Colchester Cycling on my first bike.

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Worth Reading 9: Mauve Tuesday

Links! Links! Click ’em while they’re hot!

Arab regimes on edge – Foreign Policy looks at the fallout from the events in Tunisia
Ike was right all along: The danger of the military-industrial complex – Looking back at that speech, fifty years on.
Proof: Nadine Dorries lies about police investigations – Revenge is a dish best served by Time Ireland of Bloggerheads
What’s Behind the Right Wing’s Bizarre Obsession with the Gold Standard? – AlterNet investigates
Blue Monday is bullshit churnalism. Beware any journalist who promotes it. – Going back to a point made in his book Bad Science, Ben Goldacre explains how yesterday is only the most depressing day of the year if reading lots of churnalism in the press gets you down

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