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Worth Reading 37: The rise of little boots

Libertarian Liberties – A quite hair-raising post by Anna Raccoon on some of the bizarre characters who run the Libertarian Party. NUS Democracy? – Interesting news for us former Student Union hacks, as Free Radical reports on moves to abandon attempts to democratize the NUS from within and instead replace it with something completely different. […]

Woken up by the alarm clock of nonsense

You know, I tried not to comment on the whole ‘Alarm Clock Britain’ nonsense, I really did. But then, just when I thought I was out, Lib Dem Voice pulled me back in by printing some of the most vapid nonsense I’ve ever read. Indeed, I initially thought it was a new satirical column, but […]

Now wait for later this year

Life is composed of reality configurations so constituted. To abandon her would be to say, I can’t endure reality as such. I have to have uniquely special easier conditions. Philip K Dick, ‘Now Wait For Last Year’ It’s been a rather eventful day, but I think the situation for the Liberal Democrats still hasn’t changed. […]

What now?

Some disorganised thoughts from me, that may or may not add up to a coherent whole. For those looking for a more thought-through opinion on all this, I suggest visiting the Lib Dem Blogs aggregator and working through the entries there. Or take a look at this Dutch perspective on the situation. I can remember […]

How Twitter memes happen (it’s all #nickcleggsfault)

For entirely ego-driven reasons, I feel the world needs to know how this morning’s Twitter meme began: chickyog: Morning all. has Nick Robinson exploded yet? nickjbarlow: @chickyog No, but when he does, the Telegraph and Mail will claim it’s Nick Clegg’s fault. chickyog: @nickjbarlow Ha. I feel a meme coming on. chickyog: Just stubbed my […]

2010 General Election Diary Day 9: Frit, frit, frit!

Here’s a chance for the BBC to show true political impartiality – next Monday, from 8.30 to 9pm, they should show Jeremy Paxman sitting quietly in a chair with an empty chair opposite him. Occasionally, they could flash up the caption ‘You’re watching a Panorama special: Jeremy Paxman interviewing David Cameron. David Cameron has declined […]

I’m glad you asked me that

Just a quick thought on reading this ePolitix article


I’m trying to work out which of these stories I care about the least: Gasp! Shock! Horror! Some Liberal Democrats may be talking to some people in the Labour Party! Oh no! The Lib Dem leader has made his traditional Conference-time ‘I shall have the Party on its knees in front of me!‘ statement! Can […]

Clegg goes twirling towards freedom

I haven’t got the time to read all of Clegg’s Demos pamphlet until sometime next week, but the summary and the bits I have managed to read aren’t exactly filling me with great confidence. It would appear that somehow both Liberal Democrats and Labour are ‘progressive’, despite disagreeing on almost everything. Apparently the ‘lifeblood of […]