You decide: first past the post, or free access to green cheese?

According to sources that I can’t reveal, I can exclusively reveal that should the country vote No in the referendum on 5th May, we will be required to gold-plate every pencil used at polling stations. This will cost something in the region of eleventy squillion pounds, and it’s clear that the country can’t afford this expense at this time, especially when that eleventy squillion pounds could be used to pay for an elevator to the moon.

So, what would you rather spend eleventy squillion pounds on instead of keeping our current electoral system?

(When the director of No2AV feels free to make things up and continually repeat figures that he must know have been proven to be entirely imaginary and unreliable, I feel it’s time to fight nonsense with nonsense.)

Worth Reading 25: Silver Nemesis

Vaguely UNIT-related links ahoy:

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The Many Brigadiers of Nicholas Courtney – An amusing collection of pictures of the various aspects of the Brigadier.
How To Make Oatmeal…Wrong – (For UKers, ‘oatmeal’=’porridge’) How McDonalds can take even the most simple of dishes, and mess it up.
The Death Of Bill Hicks – Seventeen years since Bill Hicks died. Man, I feel old now.
FactCheck: the AV campaign gets dirty – I’m shocked – shocked! – to discover that a propaganda campaign being run by people from the Taxpayers’ Alliance might be somewhat economical with the truth.

No 2 asking your opinion

This is one of those moments you couldn’t make up. The No2AV campaign have put a video up on YouTube that highlights their extremely dubious claim that changing voting systems would cost £250m. After all, the most important factor about democracy is how much it costs.

Of course, as YouTube is an open medium where people can rate and comment on videos, these points have all been… oh, wait, no they haven’t. Turns out our fearless campaigners for traditional British democracy have decided they don’t want anyone pointing out their errors:
Screenshot of No2AV YouTube video with rating and comments disabled
The irony of the people who think our current electoral system is just fine and dandy actively blocking people from engaging with them is just far too delicious, isn’t it? Don’t question the system, just sit back and take it.

Meanwhile, here’s a Yes To Fairer votes video you can rate and comment on:

Worth Reading 3: The search for a spork

I looked, and lo, the internet did provide these morsels of interest:

Save the Sea Otter Pups from No2AV flippancy – Beneath the jokes about dead wildlife, Duncan Stott asks an important question about why the No2AV campaigners think a military dictatorship is a good advert for their cause.
6 Real People With Secret Identities That No One Saw Coming – there’s a reason I love, and articles like this are part of it. The story of Hal Turner, for instance, reads like Vonnegut’s Mother Night being enacted in real life.
10 Reasons Poms Won’t Win – Yes, it’s time to ironically look back at Australian pre-Ashes confidence. Choose your favourite disproved theory from the list – mine has to be the assertion that England have no strength in depth while Australia apparently have eight Test standard fast bowlers waiting to play. Insert obvious joke here.
Wakefield’s article linking MMR vaccine with autism was fraudulent – Possibly the first and only time I’ll have need to link to the British Medical Journal, but this is important.
The Facts In The Case Of Dr Andrew Wakefield – In artistic form, but still getting over more relevant information in a smaller space and time than most newspapers manager.