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You decide: first past the post, or free access to green cheese?

According to sources that I can’t reveal, I can exclusively reveal that should the country vote No in the referendum on 5th May, we will be required to gold-plate every pencil used at polling stations. This will cost something in the region of eleventy squillion pounds, and it’s clear that the country can’t afford this […]

Worth Reading 25: Silver Nemesis

Vaguely UNIT-related links ahoy: Day 3706: Chap With Wings – A very nice tribute to Nicholas Courtney and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart from one of Millennium’s Daddies. The Many Brigadiers of Nicholas Courtney – An amusing collection of pictures of the various aspects of the Brigadier. How To Make Oatmeal…Wrong – (For UKers, ‘oatmeal’=’porridge’) How McDonalds can […]

No 2 asking your opinion

This is one of those moments you couldn’t make up. The No2AV campaign have put a video up on YouTube that highlights their extremely dubious claim that changing voting systems would cost £250m. After all, the most important factor about democracy is how much it costs. Of course, as YouTube is an open medium where […]

Worth Reading 3: The search for a spork

I looked, and lo, the internet did provide these morsels of interest: Save the Sea Otter Pups from No2AV flippancy – Beneath the jokes about dead wildlife, Duncan Stott asks an important question about why the No2AV campaigners think a military dictatorship is a good advert for their cause. 6 Real People With Secret Identities […]