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Andy Warhol times four

It seems I can’t go anywhere without causing a technical glitch of some sort – maybe technology is allergic to me? I had hoped to be able to link to my time on the Fourth Plinth by now, given the speed that everyone…

P Minus 395 minutes and counting

Yes, just a few hours until it’s my turn to ascend onto the Trafalgar Square plinth and be gawped at by random strangers and/or rained on with unusual ferocity for August. So, I’m on between 5 and 6 this afternoon, so feel free…

C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas…

“If you have to ask whether or not its art, then please adjust your definition of art.” With my hour on the plinth now just nine days away, I found this an interesting read.

Public appearance

I never win things – I’m one of the vast bulk of people who make up the non-winning section of the population, yet still enter prize draws and the like because of that perennial triumph of hope over expectation. So, I was rather…

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