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party funding – What You Can Get Away With

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Political funding reform: Why not link corporate donations to the tax they pay?

To expand on an idea I had on Twitter earlier this evening, here’s a simple method for dealing with political donations by companies: The maximum amount any company can give in political donations should be linked to the amount of corporation tax it…

Solving the problems of the House of Lords and political party funding at the same time

So, the last time I wrote about the House of Lords, it didn’t spark a widespread movement to abolish it, and from the look of this year’s election manifestos, there’ll be no attempt to do so over the next few years. Which means…

Shares for rights, cash for seats…what’s next?

You can tell that Tories are in Government – suddenly, everything has a price and nothing has a value. After last week’s discussions over the ‘trade your employment rights away for a handful of magic beans shares’ proposal, we now have reports that…

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