Worth Reading special: On the election

Some of the more interesting takes on the election:

My traumatised Liberal Democrat party must rediscover its radical heart – David Boyle on the way forward for the party
Random thoughts on the election – James Graham has a few of them
Three more years of Cameron – but it will be a rocky road ahead – Very interesting analysis and prediction from the LSE’s Patrick Dunleavy
The vision thing – “is it possible to combine both popularity and intellectual coherence?” asks Chris Dillow
Back from the election – Anthony Wells looks at what the polls might have got wrong
And that’s that – “The trouble with lefties, and I say this out of love, is that we give a shit about integrity. Do you think the Right care about lies? They couldn’t give a shit if their leaders kicked you in the face and set fire to the rabbit hutch; they’re born to rule and that’s their place. Know your place, peasant. Nice one centurion. They lead and we vote for them, and that’s the way it will always be. If their leaders somehow forget to deliver something they promise or – it happens – completely lie about something, they just keep on plodding on. So what? They’re born to rule.”

I’ll add more as I see them.

Worth Reading 170: The highest checkout

UK election spells the end for the biggest ‘law’ in political science – Patrick Dunleavy on the end of the two-party system (partly saved as it’ll be useful for my dissertation)
Economics for politicians – Chris Dillow on seven principles of economics that aren’t grasped by politicians.
Game of Fear – The real story behind ‘Gamergate’: one man’s obsession with ruining his ex-girlfriend’s life.
“Serious” politics – Chris Dillow again, this time on how politics insists certain ideas are sensible and others aren’t, regardless of whether it’s justified.
A letter from the hearse chasers – A personal tale from Jamie at Blood and Treasure, showing what effect cuts have on the social context of public services.