Waste and Recycling collections in Colchester

From the Council’s Street Services team:

Refuse and Recycling Collections

We are carrying out refuse and recycling collections today and Paul English, the Street Care and Recycling Operations Manager, will inform you of our success rate at the end of the working day and we will ensure that the website and media are updated. Staff worked very hard yesterday and most collections were able to be made.

The weather forecast for the next few days shows little sign of improvement and therefore the same arrangements will apply where we will try to collect as much as we can using a variety of vehicles. We constantly review the situation and ensure as many collections as possible and Paul and his team will carry out a final review of the situation in the morning before crews are deployed. It is worth noting that collections are taking longer than normal in most areas but collection times may also be earlier as drivers choose the most suitable routes. It is therefore imperative that residents have their waste available for collection by 0700 and remain patient until 1600. We will not collect in the dark where conditions are much more hazardous.

I would also ask that any communication residents may wish to make is through our Customer Service Centre on 282700 or recycling@colchester.gov.uk and not on direct lines. We greatly appreciate Members who do pass on emails to residents as communication is vital to service success. I would though point out that we will not be deviating from our normal schedule and therefore residents who do not receive a collection by 1600 are advised to simply retrieve and store their waste and recycling.

Gritting of roads and pavements

The gritting and salting of the highway network is the responsibility of Essex County Council. They have informed us that they will focus their gritting resources on keeping major roads clear. This includes all ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads, access routes for emergency services, rural link roads and major public transport routes. Therefore, estate or residential roads are not included whether they are on inclines or not. Colchester Borough Council will be keeping the pavements clear on the roads included in the memorandum of understanding and the list of the roads is on the CBC website linked here.

And some other advice on clearing pavements from Essex County Council:

Contrary to popular myth, it’s fine for you to take action to clear your local pavements and pathways.

When clearing snow and ice -sensibly does it!

* Don’t put yourself or anyone else at risk
* Start early. It’s much easier to clear fresh, loose snow compared to compacted ice that has been compressed by people walking on it;
* Don’t use water under any circumstances as it may replace snow with dangerous black ice
* Think about where you’ll put shovelled snow so that it doesn’t block paths or drainage channels
* Spread some salt on the area you have cleared. It’ll help stop ice forming. Table salt or dishwasher salt will work but avoid spreading on plants or grass. If salt is not available then sand or ash are good alternatives
* Elderly or vulnerable neighbours may need help in icy conditions. You can phone Helpline on 01206 769779 if you think someone is in difficulty.
* For more information please visit the DirectGov website here