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Was this happening while I lived in Swansea?

Odd story of the day comes from Peter Black: As testimony to an enduring but rather extreme fascination with Egyptology, the mummy worshippers – many wearing robes and head-dresses – STROLL into the display room containing Tem Hor’s bandaged body and involve themselves…

Vote for me, I possess a finger

I remember when I was living in Swansea and new to all this politics lark, someone once told me that ‘you can tell when an election’s near, you’ll see Peter Black wandering around pointing at things.’ Peter is yet to feature on the…

The banks won’t help you, but you must help the banks

Interesting news from Peter Black this morning that the FSA will be introducing an extra charge on Credit Unions (totalling around £8.5m) to help cover the cost of bailing out the banks. Yes, it seems that people who kept their money out of…

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