Not done one of these for a while, but people still continue to put interesting things on the internet.

Come write me down – Phil Edwards explains the phenomenon of policy-based evidence.
Reviewing through the Time Machine: Remembering Margaret Cavendish – Ro Smith on the 17th century female founder of science fiction. I’d honestly never heard of Margaret Cavendish or The Blazing World before this, but it sounds fascinating.
How I Lost My Fear of Universal Health Care – An expat American in Canada’s experiences of what it means to not have to worry about the cost of getting ill.
Money and the love of money – Excellent Ross McKibbin piece in the London Review of Books about the corruption of Britain’s political system.
Comment: Nightmare result for dream team – A very good analysis of what happened in the Olympic men’s cycling road race.

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You can tell when the first couple of links were found, and then when the last three found their way onto the list, can’t you?

B-Movie Posters for Classic Films – Good stuff from Cracked readers, and some excellent artwork in there
Idiots – From Who Rules Where, “a table for idiots who think the death penalty is normal.”
Let’s not bring in the army – David Allen Green on why calls for the Army to be brought in to ‘sort things out’ should be resisted.
Just another country – A typically interesting post from The Gaping Silence on the riots
David Cameron’s new best friend – Wings Over Sealand discovers some disturbing information about the person behind the ‘support the Metropolitan Police’ group on Facebook

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