Worth Reading 61: The next minute begins

Not done one of these for a while, but people still continue to put interesting things on the internet.

Come write me down – Phil Edwards explains the phenomenon of policy-based evidence.
Reviewing through the Time Machine: Remembering Margaret Cavendish – Ro Smith on the 17th century female founder of science fiction. I’d honestly never heard of Margaret Cavendish or The Blazing World before this, but it sounds fascinating.
How I Lost My Fear of Universal Health Care – An expat American in Canada’s experiences of what it means to not have to worry about the cost of getting ill.
Money and the love of money – Excellent Ross McKibbin piece in the London Review of Books about the corruption of Britain’s political system.
Comment: Nightmare result for dream team – A very good analysis of what happened in the Olympic men’s cycling road race.

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Worth Reading 48: Last day under the bodhi tree

You can tell when the first couple of links were found, and then when the last three found their way onto the list, can’t you?

B-Movie Posters for Classic Films – Good stuff from Cracked readers, and some excellent artwork in there
Idiots – From Who Rules Where, “a table for idiots who think the death penalty is normal.”
Let’s not bring in the army – David Allen Green on why calls for the Army to be brought in to ‘sort things out’ should be resisted.
Just another country – A typically interesting post from The Gaping Silence on the riots
David Cameron’s new best friend – Wings Over Sealand discovers some disturbing information about the person behind the ‘support the Metropolitan Police’ group on Facebook

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