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Worth Reading 22: One more, then skiddoo

For those of you bored on a Saturday night: Prisoners’ voting rights: Britain’s mounting fury over sovereignty – “The ECHR is very far from perfect. But a country lucky enough to enjoy the rule of law, like Britain, should think long and hard before flouting international treaties which offer perhaps the only hope of legal […]

Worth Reading 17: Now complete with provisional licence

Let there be linkage: A Vision Of Foreign Policy Only Beck Can Provide – That’s Glenn Beck, but reading out the lyrics to Devil’s Haircut might make more sense. Watch the video for something that looks like a dramatic reconstruction of the thought processes of a crazed conspiracy theorist, except it’s for real (via) A […]

Job security

From Nick Robinson’s blog on Eric Illsley: If he is imprisoned for more than a year he will be automatically expelled from Parliament. If he is not, MPs can – and look certain to – move to have him thrown out anyway. The big question here, of course, is whether there’s any other job that […]

Worth Reading 4: Great Justice!

Hello world! Here are things to interest you: Beware those who sneer at ‘human rights imperialism’ – Comment is Free finally publishes a counter-argument to their worst article of 2010. Sohrab Ahmari makes some powerful points explaining just why universal rights are important. Browne’s Gamble – Probably linked to and seen by a lot of […]