Worth Reading 150: Out of psalms

Nigel Farage: The Media’s Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – Alex Andreou on how the media are now congratulating themselves for creating the rise of Farage and UKIP.
Tied hand and foot: the sad and sorry saga of the rise of Britain’s giant ‘pubcos’ – Interesting background on how the old system of tied pubs became the modern pubcos.
The Uberfication of knowledge – What will the life of a writer be, when the whole world’s a potential content farm?
On nerd entitlement – Laurie Penny on why white male nerds really shouldn’t claim that they don’t benefit from privilege.
Hell Yes, I’m a Feminist – John Scalzi is (and so am I) and explains why feminist men need to be clear about it, but also not to try and ‘white knight’ it to make it all about us.

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Did aliens establish a primitive postcode system in ancient Britain? – The answer, of course, is ‘no’, but what a great headline.
Would cannibalism cost you your bonus in the banks? – “The defence given by learned counsel on that would be that at no stage did his contract stipulate that his bonus and exit payment would be forfeit if he devoured members of staff.”
Antony Green’s Election Blog – Can’t really pick out a single post here, so go read it all as he points out just what the Australian experience of AV is. Unsurprisingly, it’s not what No2AV say it is. (via)
The Lost Pubs Project – A catalogue of some of the pubs that have closed in this country, and not just recent closures too. There’s a large number of listings for Colchester, too. (via)
No to No to AV – Another take on a No to AV leaflet (contains the sort of language some people get offended by).

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