New look

Yes, for those few of you who still visit here who aren’t bots, I’ve given the blog a new look as the old one was starting to look a bit dated. As I’ve promised many times before, I’m going to try and blog a bit more frequently again in future just so my status as Possibly Britain’s Oldest Liberal Democrat Blog Still In Existence* is a bit more than a theoretical one, and going to all the effort of redesigning** might be sufficient to nudge me into that.

Everything seems to be working fine with the new layout for me, but please let me know if anything is broken or just looks a bit weird. It’s probably not intentional.

* Iain Coleman was around before me, of course, but Why Do They Call Me Mister Happy? disappeared from the web a few years ago. My first post was on January 30th 2003, which is before Richard Allan and I’m pretty sure James Graham started after me, though I’m sure someone will pipe up to take my one ridiculously tiny claim to fame from me.
** Well, taking a template from the WordPress site and fiddling with a few bits of it.