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Canada: why electoral reform will be hard to win

In one of last year’s few political highlights, Justin Trudeau led the Liberal Party to victory in Canada’s general election, and one of their manifesto pledges was to change Canada’s electoral system from first past the post. The Liberals won a majority of…

Lost referendums don’t lead to a return to the political status quo

The two major referendums we’ve had during this Parliament – 2011’s on AV and 2014’s on Scottish independence – were both very different, but I think the after effect of both of them has been quite similar. In both cases, it was expected…

A thought on referendums

A couple of tweets I’ve seen recently on my Twitter timeline: The 90% of Brits being forced to watch their country fall apart without having a vote do, at least, have this letter: — Fraser Nelson (@FraserNelson) September 7, 2014 I'm sorry…

The comic genius of ‘Eric Pickles’

There surely must come a point when everyone realises that Eric Pickles is a master satirist. He’s pulled off the routine for far longer than anyone else might have managed – Morris, Baron-Cohen, even Sellers, they could keep up a character for ages,…

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