Bored? Then it’s time for some linkage:

Colonel Albert Bachmann – Telegraph obituary of a Swiss spy, whose life resembled something from a black comedy about the Cold War.
The Lib Dem Leadership Don’t Get It – But I Do – Jennie explains the elephant in the room that the party leadership aren’t acknowledging.
TPA – Pretence of Authority – Tim Fenton notes that the Taxpayers Alliance’s policies only seem to be for a very small number of taxpayers.
Some Advice to New Councillors – Useful advice from Richard Kemp.
Thirty Books from Interrupted Worlds – Lawrence Miles provides some humorous reinterpretations of classic books from alternate timelines.

Burning of the heretics may now recommence.

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Worth Reading 22: One more, then skiddoo

For those of you bored on a Saturday night:

Prisoners’ voting rights: Britain’s mounting fury over sovereignty – “The ECHR is very far from perfect. But a country lucky enough to enjoy the rule of law, like Britain, should think long and hard before flouting international treaties which offer perhaps the only hope of legal recourse to people in much less lucky climes.”
A Night At The Political Theatre – Excellent post from Flying Rodent on what the whole issue of prisoners voting reveals about the nature of British politics. “What I do know is that a society that makes a virtue of illiberal behaviour will treat its citizens illiberally; a culture that demands injustice in the name of common sense will perpetrate injustices. I know that a citizenry that puts all of its faith in infantile concepts like force and “common sense” will receive plenty of the former and little of the latter.”
Tory Dirty Tricks Department Versus The Kemp Operation – Richard Kemp on what it’s like to suddenly find the media muckraking through your past, which is obviously more important than investigating any of the claims you’ve made in the present.
Monty’s Revenge – Interesting article from Jerry Hayes on how the Tory Right is getting increasingly ideologically puritanical about those it disagrees with within the party.
Whining In Evolutionary Psychology – I missed the original storm that prompted this post, but yet again it seems that evolutionary psychology is yet again proving that there are few depths certain academics won’t go to in an effort to prove it valid. (via)

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100% organic and cruelty free links, these:

Campaign for the Abolition of Parliament – Richard Kemp questions just what the point of some of the activity within Parliament is
Pish to Progressivism! – “Nowadays politicians are more keen to dub themselves “progressives” than they’d be to assure the world they’re not murderers.”
What I learned in the Arid Zone – An interesting look at Phoenix, Arizona, that poses the question of what might happen to it when the water supply starts drying up?
The terror time machine – Wow, it’s like being back in the early days of blogging as Justin McKeating points out the truth when a Tom Watson MP starts fearmongering about eeevil terrorists
Abandoned Remains of the Russian Space Shuttle Project Buran – More ‘worth looking at’ than ‘reading’, but some fascinating pictures of the remains of the Russian Space Shuttle and launch site, including a look inside one of the orbiters.

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