Two in one

Two committee meetings in one night last night, as Strategic Overview and Scrutiny Panel was followed by the first meeting of Colchester’s Crime and Disorder Committee. This is a new committee we’ve been required to create by the Government to scutinise the work of our local Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership. Rather than set up an entirely new committee to do this, we decided to make it part of the SOS Panel’s work – technically, it’s a separate committe, but it has the same membership as the SOS Panel, and meets after that meeting is finished.

So, we got to interview senior police officers and talk about crime statistics. I must admit that thanks to my TV-watching habits of recent weeks it was hard not see the similarities with The Wire and imagine myself in a Comstat meeting. Of course, it turns out that I wasn’t the only politician having delusions about parallels between Britain and David Simon’s vision of Baltimore, but I chose not to make a big speech about mine.
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