Worth Reading 55: Later to be replaced by J2O

Chateau Sucker – Fascinating article from New York magazine about fraud amongst high-end wine connoiseurs. (via)
Angela’s Choice – Jason O’Mahony posits that the history of the next fifty years will be determined by what Angela Merkel decides Germany’s path through the Euro crisis will be.
Colchester’s Tipping Point – A perspective on town centre regeneration and the cultural sector in this town from Marc De’Ath
The corruption at the heart of our political system – Sometimes we all need to be reminded that our system is a long, long, way from being clean.
No, I will not “grow a pair” – Steven Baxter in the New Statesmen on the pressure to be a ‘man’s man’.

Worth reading 45: And how many revolutions will you start this minute?

@petehague’s piece on This Week’s Pod Delusion – Jennie Rigg on the concept of Schrodinger’s Rapist (which was a term I hadn’t heard of before her post) and what’s rational behaviour for women.
My encounter with the News of the World – When you hear someone talking about how the non-phone-hacking staff of the News of the World were saints and angels who loved bunny rabbits and kittens, read this and remind yourself of their regular modus operandi.
Capes, wedding dresses and Steven Moffat – Sophia McDougall on why (to paraphrase violently) a wedding dress and the Batsuit are the same thing.
Our democracy is over – Steven Baxter asks why no one thinks of the poor oppressed plutocrats. “The very future of free discourse in this country is under threat. We have no democracy any more. This ragtag-and-bobtail army of leftist thought police are going to stop us from being able to ring up dead kids or bereaved families and listen to their messages – and what then? Criminals and crooked politicians are going to get away with it, that’s what.”
A Punishment Beating – Flying Rodent on the oh-so-tedious Johann Hari vs Nick Cohen deathmatch feud important struggle for liberal values vital intellectual contretemps playground spat. “Let me put it this way. During the week when the Guardian – a paper that Nick and his pals have spent years dumping oceans of shit over – rocked the foundations of the world’s most powerful media empire, shut down a criminal enterprise and brought a genuine scandal of public interest to the front doors of Number 10 and the Metropolitan Police… …A small but determined bunch of angry berks were engaged in the honourable task of helping one of the nation’s most ridiculous hacks wreak his pissy vengeance upon a nationally-discredited twerp for the crime of penning a mildly critical and dishonest book review, years ago.”