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2015 General Election Day 31: Not a filthy assistant

I’m beginning to wonder if our politics are the ones the people in The Thick Of It watch if they want a laugh at strange and incredible things that sensible politicians like Dan Miller, Peter Mannion or even Nicola Murray would never consider.…

2015 General Election Day 10: A sudden interest in tax

Yesterday, it was feeling like this election campaign was going to be a long haul of staged photo opportunities and announcements of policies that we’d already heard dozens of times before. As John Lanchester discusses here, thanks to knowing when the election would…

Worth Reading 49: The reboot

Yes, yes, I’m doing these again. It’s almost like I’ve decided to try being a blogger again for a while, isn’t it? Stephen King: Tax Me, for F@%&’s Sake! – A wonderfully angry rant about what rich people get away with in American.…

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