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The law is an ass, which should be blown sky high

You may not have heard of Paul Chambers, but you should. Back in January, he made a comment on Twitter that any sane person would have realised was a joke made in a moment of frustration. Unfortunately, it seems that there are many people around who aren’t that sane, who instead thought he was seriously […]

Trafigura, again

Via all sorts of places, a video they don’t want you to see on the BBC: I’m beginning to think that Carter Ruck have changed their purpose to become a performance art collective dedicated to interpretations of the Streisand Effect. Or that they’re a group of Streisand haters who want to see it renamed – […]

I have nothing to say about Trafigura

If you haven’t read this or seen this, you might never have heard of the oil company Trafigura before. Indeed, they could have stayed nicely below many people’s radars, just they way they like to be, except for the fact they took their desire for secrecy a bit too far. Apparently, it’s possible to use […]