Worth Reading 77: Whatever happened to Bill Grundy?

Hitchcult – Jamie at Blood and Treasure on the proposal to build a statue of Christopher Hitchens.
Remember Who You Are – A report from a David Icke talk. At points, it sounds like Icke is stealing lines from Bill Hicks, though I don’t recall Bill ever having dance routines.
I’m not ashamed of being a man, but I ashamed of the things men do – I was considering writing a ‘why I follow Everyday Sexism‘ post, but this does the job perfectly.
10 days that shook my world – Tom Watson MP’s account of what he’s learned since asking about a paedophile ring at the heart of government.
The Long Con – How the right wing movement in the US is funded by what are basically long-running scams and shakedowns. (via)

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100% organic and cruelty free links, these:

Campaign for the Abolition of Parliament – Richard Kemp questions just what the point of some of the activity within Parliament is
Pish to Progressivism! – “Nowadays politicians are more keen to dub themselves “progressives” than they’d be to assure the world they’re not murderers.”
What I learned in the Arid Zone – An interesting look at Phoenix, Arizona, that poses the question of what might happen to it when the water supply starts drying up?
The terror time machine – Wow, it’s like being back in the early days of blogging as Justin McKeating points out the truth when a Tom Watson MP starts fearmongering about eeevil terrorists
Abandoned Remains of the Russian Space Shuttle Project Buran – More ‘worth looking at’ than ‘reading’, but some fascinating pictures of the remains of the Russian Space Shuttle and launch site, including a look inside one of the orbiters.

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I only discovered the Labour Uncut site a short while ago, but has it always been the place where supposedly rational people let out their weirdest thoughts?

Last week, we had Sion Simon declaring that he didn’t like The King’s Speech because Colin Firth voted Liberal Democrat, and he should be apologising to people for that.

Then today we have Tom Watson – admittedly, never normally a man who acts like he knows the meaning of the word ‘restraint’ – stating that JFK would have supported locking up shifty-looking people without charge because, um, er, it’s wrong that anyone should attempt to hold Tony Blair to account and anyway – Look! Over there! Terrorists!

But even that fades to nothing when put next to this, which makes an immediate appearance in a very high position on the list of the most overwrought and hyperbolic political analogies. Yes, according to Labour Uncut, David Cameron is ‘the British Pol Pot’ and states:

This is the most destructive administration since Pol Pot. It isn’t killing professionals and the middle classes, but it is so damaging their lives and the chances of their children that it’s the British equivalent to wholesale slaughter.

Can you imagine the outcry – likely led by Tom Watson, ironically – if Conservative Home, Liberal Democrat Voice or any other political website ran an article comparing Ed Miliband to a genocidal dictator? As well as Watson, I can see articles by three other Labour MPs – John Spellar, John Woodcock and Tom Harris – on their front page right now. Are they happy with that sort of hyperbole and to have their words published on a site that produces material that resembles a parody?

I understand they oppose the Government and the site seems to be reflecting more of Labour’s authoritarian wing, but do they seriously believe that comparing David Cameron to Pol Pot does anyone any good?

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