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Worth Reading 18: Now legal in the United States

And today, we’re 80% Egyptian-related: WorldNetDaily: The Rise of the Muslim Anti-Christ Explains Egypt Unrest – No, I’m not linking to WorldNutDaily, just to Richard Bartholomew’s analysis of another one of their bizarre conspiracy theories Arseholes, considered as a strategic resource – Daniel Davies on how dictatorships keep themselves in power. Why Egypt 2011 is […]

EXCLUSIVE: First David Miliband campaign video

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Petitions to #stopblair

Want to stop Tony Blair becoming President of the Council of the European Union? Well, if you’re not one of the 27 leaders in the Council who’ll make the decision (and if you are, please leave a comment) you don’t get a say in the process, so tough. However, you can sign a petition here […]

Shoulda, woulda, coulda

I suppose I should be glad that my gym gives out free copies of the Daily Mail, because if they hadn’t, I’d never have known that they were posing the question of ‘Should Britain invade Zimbabwe?‘ For those of you wondering what might happen if Britain was to invade Zimbabwe, you’ll be glad to hear […]