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Tour de France 2012: Getting a bit tacky

And lo, the headlines were filled with puns, just as the road was filled with pointy things. It made for an altogether odd day as Mark Cavendish led the peloton up a climb, while Peter Sagan sprinted up a steep climb with a breakaway as the leaders all found themselves needing new wheels – and […]

Tour de France 2012: Hitting the wall

One of the key features of this year’s Tour has been the organisers hunt through France for some of the steepest roads, rather than just settling for the highest. The theory is that this gives us much more exciting racing, especially in the post-EPO era, where you’re more likely to see sustainable attacks on short, […]

Tour de France 2012: The bonus rest day

So, the day where they turn the map the other way around and put the big mountains at the start of it becomes the day the breakaway stays away and delivers a winner. Yesterday was the Tour’s equivalent of declaration bowling in cricket – everyone has a contractual obligation to be there and deliver a […]

Tour de France 2012: When I want it, I’ll come and take it

Eleven stages done and we have our first candidate for ‘most over-analysed thirty seconds of this year’s Tour’ – amongst the English-speaking media, anyway (the French report is ‘Rolland first, Pinot second, others were also riding bikes yesterday’). Chris Froome’s sudden burst of acceleration with around four kilometres to go to La Toussoire, followed by […]

Tour de France 2012: The sharp end

It’s odd how much people become obsessed with who is and who isn’t a good descender, when I’d question just how much effect descending skills have on the race result. I know that they’re a dramatic part of the race, and sometimes an accident can really shake things up – I still think Beloki would […]

Tour de France 2012: On the road again

After a day with their feet up (if you ignore the long training/recovery rides they’ll have done as well) the race is back on today. The big news from the race yesterday was the French police arresting Remy di Gregorio for doping offences. He’s been sacked by his team (Cofidis) and withdrawn from the Tour, […]

Tour de France 2012: Showing your hand

After two days in the mountains and the first time trial, this Tour is finally taking shape, and it’s looking like it’s going to be Bradley Wiggins’ race to lose. He’s often said how Miguel Indurain was his hero, and watching the Spaniard’s performances in the 90s were his inspiration to become a cyclist, and […]

Tour de France 2012: Up and down and up and down…

Yesterday showed how it’s possible to have a great stage of the Tour without having to go up the highest mountains. Oddly, the only marked point on the profile of the stage over 1000m was the sprint point at La Genevez, with all the summits below 1000m. True, that’s still more than 300m above the […]

Tour de France 2012: The shape of things to come?

For those of us who’ve been watching other stage racing this season, yesterday’s tactics weren’t a surprise. While Sky know that Bradley Wiggins has a fantastic engine and can deliver huge amounts of power for a long time, he doesn’t have a strong acceleration on climbs, and copes best when the pace starts high and […]

Tour de France 2012: Ring my bell

We started yesterday with the news that Peter Sagan had fitted a bell onto his bike in an effort to avoid crashes, and we ended it with him winning another stage as a crash reshaped the race. The first Friday last year was where the race started to be shaped, with Wiggins the first GC […]