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There’s been at least one former Prime Minister in Parliament since 1756, but could that end next year?

A thought occurred to me this morning that with Gordon Brown stepping down as an MP at the next election, if David Cameron is re-elected, there’ll be no former Prime Minister in Parliament. There’ll be living former Prime Ministers – John Major, Tony…

Why Jeb Bush will win the 2016 Presidential election

Because history repeats itself, except for all the times it doesn’t. Barack Obama’s re-election this week meant that three successive US Presidents (Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Obama) had all been elected to two terms in office. The only other time this…

Parliamentary trivia question

Something I discovered while browsing through They Work For You – which current MP’s first recorded speech in Parliament consisted solely of the words ‘the Liberal Democrats’? You can guess below, and for the answer click here. Should you wish to see the…

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