Worth Reading 14: Flash, I love you!

60% Egyptian this time.

Butwhataboutthemen? – Anton Vowl channels his inner Giles Coren
Egypt Leaves the Internet – A look at how Egyptian access to the internet was restricted
India’s most expensive movie yields most astonishingly violent and demented action-scene in cinematic history – It’s on BoingBoing, so you’ve probably seen it already, but just in case you haven’t
Revolution in North Africa – Jim Bliss has an interesting take on what’s been happening in Tunisia and Egypt
Everybody Loves Hosni – Justin shows just how popular a guy Hosni Mubarak is

Worth Reading 9: Mauve Tuesday

Links! Links! Click ’em while they’re hot!

Arab regimes on edge – Foreign Policy looks at the fallout from the events in Tunisia
Ike was right all along: The danger of the military-industrial complex – Looking back at that speech, fifty years on.
Proof: Nadine Dorries lies about police investigations – Revenge is a dish best served by Time Ireland of Bloggerheads
What’s Behind the Right Wing’s Bizarre Obsession with the Gold Standard? – AlterNet investigates
Blue Monday is bullshit churnalism. Beware any journalist who promotes it. – Going back to a point made in his book Bad Science, Ben Goldacre explains how yesterday is only the most depressing day of the year if reading lots of churnalism in the press gets you down

Worth Reading 8: Dead Belgians Don’t Count

And who can tell me which TV series that was the original title for?

Tunisia: Lessons of Authoritarian Collapse – Interesting article at the Carnegie Endowment website on historical precedents for the sudden ending of authoritarian governments
Tunisia’ Jasmine Revolution – More information on the events, and some regional context, from Mona Eltahawy at the Washington Post
Looking under the street lamp again – As well as writing good books, Charles Stross somehow finds the time to write interesting and thought-provoking blog posts too. This one is about how we identify the causes of a failure and go about preventing a re-occurrence, with some interestingly counter-intuitive points contained within.
Ed Miliband wants me to show courage – Mark Valladares responds to the Labour leader.
Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising – and if you think they do, there’s no hope for you.

Worth Reading 5: Starred

And when you look into the internet, the internet looks also into you:

Tunisia: The uprising has a hashtag – Did you know there’s an uprising against the government of Tunisia underway? Neither did I, but this article’s a helpful introduction to the issues.
Eliminationist rhetoric and the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords – The much-linked-to Sarah Palin ‘bullseye’ graphic is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s been a scary undertone to a lot of political discourse in America in recent years, especially since 2008.
On the politics of blame – Jennie Rigg writes something very similar to a blog post I was writing in my head. My version may still follow.
The Sunday review: The King’s Speech – Remember Sion Simon? The ultimate Platonic ideal of a New Labour apparatchik? Well, he outdoes himself here, criticising Colin Firth for the heinous crime of not apologising for voting Liberal Democrat.
Yes to AV – Arguments for AV from a Conservative perspective, which may be of use in persuading people to vote Yes in May.