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Taking student politics far too seriously

It feels like barely a day goes by at the moment without some corner of social media getting worked up about something that’s happened at a university. The Student Union at the University of West Loamshire fails to pass a motion condemning bad…

Worth Reading 140: Character limit

For those in peril on the sea – “This is where British politics is right now. It’s not a departure from the EU that should be worrying, but their trajectory out of humanity.” The nuclear attack on the UK that never happened –…

Worth Reading 113: Begin the Hallel

What the Royal Parks is doing to a charity softball league should matter to us all – David Allen Green on public space. Can you solve Slate‘s gerrymandering jigsaw puzzle? – The bizarre world of US political boundaries, and what happens when they’re…

We are all bourgeois now

But one day I met a man With money to spare He said he would tell me how it is The State he began Has been propping up people to long For far to long We all got lazy and couldn’t be bothered…

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